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Basic Information  ||

Name:Oriiana Baktuush




Current Age:20

Profession: Sith Apprentice

Physical Information  ||

Height:5 foot 1 inch

Weight:110 pounds

Appearance Orii has raven locks that end at the center of her back.  She usually wears it down or in a high pony tail when she is doing something active.  Her eyes are hazel, and her skin is pale.  She is rather small for her age, and doesn't like it when people mention her size.

You will hardly ever see Orii wearing a skirt.  She can't stand them.  She feels that they limit her mobility and they also make her legs very cold.  She likes form fitting pants and shirts that allow for a lot of range in movement. She has a warm, grey cloak that she likes to keep around because it's comfortable.

Equipment & Powers  ||

Equipment:She generally carries a small throwing dagger in her boot.  It's a habit she picked up while living in the deserts of Tatooine, not so much for defense, but for hunting.  However she will always look at it as a weapon of last resort.

Lightsaber (s):After going to Ilum to find a crystal, Orii went back to Ziost to create her saber.  It has a black hilt with purple bands, a bright crimson blade, and a silver end spike that is used as both a parrying tool as well as a punching blade.

Lightsaber Form (s):Oriiana has had training, and is continuing to train, she is proficient with Shii-Cho (Form  I)  knows some of Makashi (Form II), and is beginning to learn Soresu (Form III).

Force Powers: 
Bullet; GreenForce Persuasion 
Bullet; GreenTelepathy
Bullet; GreenTelekinesis
Bullet; GreenForce Sense
Bullet; GreenForce Fear

More Information  ||

Personality:There has always been something different about Orii.  Even when she was training at the Temple, she was different than the rest of the younglings.  She always wanted to prove herself and prove that she was the strongest and most adept with the Force.  She also is rather selfish and likes to get her way, even if she has to do something dangerous or morally questionable.  The Jedi tried to train this out of her, but they were not successful.  As she aged, she began to live for the dangerous and morally questionable adventures.

When she's not being competitive, she is curious and likes to learn.  It is not uncommon to find her in a library, though she also likes to be outside.  She is rather solitary and prefers not to be around people of any sort, which was a problem when she lived in the Temple, but quite an asset while she was in the desert.  

Strengths:  She is rather clever and resourceful, and she is willing to do whatever she needs to in order to survive or advance herself.  This means that she gets herself into difficult, dangerous, and morally questionable scenarios.  

WeaknessesOrii has a quick temper.  She gets angry easily, and is not always straight forward about how she feels.  She can be incredibly passive aggressive at times, and at others outwardly aggressive.  You never know what she's going to do.  

Followers N/A

Ship (s): N/A

Biography  ||

Orii doesn't remember family much.  She knows that she has an older brother, younger sister, and mother and father, but she hasn't seen them since she was 4 when she was taken to the Temple.  She only has vague memories of her birth family, but the ones she does have are happy ones.  She doesn't like talking about her family because she doesn't feel like she has one.  She had no choice but to go with the Order, or so she thinks, and resents this.  

When she turned 18, her master sent her into the deserts of Tattooine to spend a year meditating and learning how to use the Force in its natural state.  She spent 1 year and learned how to fend for herself. She got into several hairy situations with some Tuskan Raiders, but always managed to worm her way out of them, either by running away or persuading them to release her.

It was here she learned that the Force was powerful and both light and dark.  She was drawn to the darker side of what she learned. Through her observations of the nature around her, she was able to disprove the Jedi Code, at least in her mind.  

On her way back from Tatooine, she was captured by someone seeking a bounty and taken to Ziost, where she learned a little about the Dark Side and found it to be home.  She decided to shed her Jedi teachings and seek to learn the ways of the Sith.
I've decided to put my work on both deviantArt and Fine Art America.  There, you can buy my work for cheaper than dA charges, and I get all of the profits. :)  There are also exclusive pieces that do not appear on my deviantArt account!  Come stop by and let me know what you think!…


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